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About Upton’s Naturals

Upton's Naturals products are sold in grocery stores nationwide, as well as on several online marketplaces. See our Where to Buy page to learn more.
Yes, all of our outer cartons are recyclable and compostable thanks to the water-based coatings and ink.
We are not able to mail coupons or free samples; however our products go on sale at most retailers several times a year.
Upton's Naturals is proudly vegan-owned. Our founder Dan Staackmann, a vegan of more than 30 years, founded the company in 2006 and remains the sole owner.

Products and Ingredients

We offer several products that do not contain gluten ingredients; however none of our products are certified gluten-free. The ingredients for each product can be found on our product pages.
The ingredients for each product can be found on our product pages. For specific questions about allergens, please visit our Contact page and send us a message.
Yes, all of our products are 100% vegan.
All of our Seitan, Updog, Fava Crumbles, products are CRC kosher certified. Our Jackfruit and Banana Blossom products are Kosher Check certified. Our Soups and Ch'eesy Macs are not kosher certified.
Our products are free of GMOs. The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard requires food manufacturers to disclose information about whether food offered for retail sale is bioengineered (BE) or uses BE food ingredients. Therefore, a non-GMO certification is no longer necessary.
We're proud to announce that in 2022 we transitioned our entire line of Jackfruit products to a source that is both kosher and organic certified. You may notice a color difference between the new version and Jackfruit you bought previously.
Like any flower, Banana Blossoms can vary in color - from white to purple to a greyish tone. Additionally, we use lime juice, rather than harsher acids, to maintain freshness, which can result in a darker color.

Using Our Products

Seitan and Updog: Keep refrigerated and use within 5 days of opening the package or by the best before date on the box. You can also store these products in the freezer for up to one year! Jackfruit and Banana Blossom: Jackfruit and Banana Blossom can be stored refrigerated or at room temperature (yep, it's shelf stable!) until the best before date on the box. Store any leftovers in a refrigerator and use within 5 days of opening! Ch'eesy Mac and Soup: These should all be stored at room temperature until the best before date on the package. Store any leftovers in a refrigerator and use within 5 days of opening!
Absolutely! Most Upton's Naturals Jackfruit products are less than 2g of protein per serving, making them an excellent meat alternative for those on a PKU diet. Plus, Upton's Naturals collaborates with How Much Phe to provide a phenylalanine count for each Jackfruit product, making tracking easy.
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Our Seitan is cooked before it gets packaged, so it is safe to consume without further cooking. However, we do recommend cooking it according to the package directions for the best texture and flavor.
Our Jackfruit and Banana Blossoms are par-cooked before they are packaged, so if you want to consume them without further cooking it's safe to do so. However, we do recommend cooking them according to the package instructions for the best flavor and texture.

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